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Before I get to the pictures, I want to thank a few people. My son Kurt 4 for setting up the web server, Julie Turner for her Facebook expertise, my sister Samantha for the great looking flyers, Karen Mathews for the MYATP idea itself, Alison Lorkowski for her Vote Biblically materials, Lucinda Bailey for consecrating the MYATP movement by praying at the Montgomery (Texas) County Courthouse on the two Sundays prior to our meetings, Cookie Rodriguez and Linda Jordan for their help in handing out a bazillion flyers at the Cruz/Trump rally, and my elders and church for their encouragement and support.

Special thanks to the following persons who interviewed me on their shows: Jeff Crouere, host of Ringside Politics on WGSO, New Orleans; Steven Menking, host of On the Objective; Perry LaHaie & Shawna Beyer, hosts at WGNB Moody Radio, Grand Rapids; BJ Harrison, host of Last Call Radio; and John B. Wells, host of Ark to Midnight and his assistant, Jon Robberson.

Very special thanks to my brother in the Lord, Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries and CoachDaveLive, without whose support none of this would have been possible. He is truly an inspiration and example to us all!

And finally, my heart goes out to our loyal, dedicated prayer warriors around the country. Your faithfulness, enthusiasm, persistence and encouragement throughout this process have made this an absolute joy. You guys and gals are the greatest, and I can't wait to pray with you again in the future! Judges 7:7

Week 4 pictures & emails

Spring, TX

Interesting story about this meeting. We arrived to find that our flagpole was a crime scene! Of course, in some countries, it actually is a crime to pray to Jesus, and most especially in front of a government building.

Thank you Father God for our freedoms here in America!






Hastings, MI


Mt Vernon, OH


Lufkin, TX

Spokane, WA

And here are a couple of emails received....

We finished our final "Meet you at the pole" here in Iowa, and felt it would be fitting and encouraging to give this report. 

We are from Shelby County which is on the western side of the state. Harlan is the county seat, nearly 5k in town alone,  and it was under the pole there that our little band of concerned Christians met. My wife Cindy and I were on board as soon as Coach Dave inspired us. We began that first Sunday with just three at the pole. This was one Sunday before the official beginning so we actually met 5 Sundays before the election. From the outset we invited people personally and on Facebook, published your website on FB, published Coach's call to pray on FB, as well as calling area churches and either speaking directly with pastors or leaving a message on the church office phone.

We had 4 the second Sunday and 9 each Sunday thereafter. With the number of professing Christians in town we were hoping for more. Interestingly, no pastors came though. Another interesting thing was that we did not know many of the folks who came these last three Sundays. It was so good though. The presence of God was there and each meeting was a blessing indeed. Mathew 18:20

Thanks for all you did. It's a great idea and in eternity we'll understand the impact it had. Bless you brother, and Maranatha!


JJ and Cindy

Harlan, IA


Dallam County Courthouse, Dalhart, TX, last meeting, Nov. 4th. Had 8 in attendance, one pastor. Rewarded 2 attendees with perfect attendance with a pocket constitution. Went over the voting locations and gave out a copy of the locations and times they are open. Closed with a speech by Pres. Eisenhower before V-Day, changed to read like it was from God.

Prayed for nation and dismissed. 


Dalhart, TX


Thank you for initiating this 4-week campaign. I forgot my phone at home yesterday and didn't get any pictures, but we had a good turnout in Mt. Gilead, Ohio (Morrow County). A local elderly lady volunteered on her own, when she heard we were doing this, called all the churches she could on Saturday. As a result we had two dozen people in attendance. This included 2 local pastors, a county elected office and a state representative (his wife and 3 kids).

One highlight was having a spontaneous time of prayer at the end of the gathering for the two elected officials present. Powerful. 
I appreciate all the work you did and the encouragement Coach Dave Daubenmire gave us to participate in this series of prayer gatherings.  
For His Glory,


Mt Gilead, OH


Week 3 Pics.

Spring, TX


Central Point, OR


Winchester, KY


Neosho, MO


Roberta, GA


Corpus Christi, TX


Here are a few pictures from Week 2

Amarillo, TX 


Greenville, SC



Lima, Peru 





Fountain Inn, SC 



 The Woodlands, TX 


Las Vegas, NV


Marshfield, WI


Here are a few pictures from Week 1

Lufkin, TX


Spring, TX


Tulsa, OK


Conroe, TX


Lancaster, OH

Lancaster, OH


Mount Vernon, OH

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